Mariano Pietrini is an artist, based in Sicily. Sculptures, paintings, arts.


For Mariano Pietrini, artistic creation was a journey that began with sketches and words. Every stroke, every word was the first step in the elaboration of his thoughts, a magical ritual that preceded the magic of painting, sculpture or poetry.

The sketches, made on small pads of paper, were his initial canvas, a place where he “photographed” sensations and suggestions. These sketches were the primordial language of his creativity, a form of dialogue with his inner world.

The words, written on those same sheets, were transformed into poetry. Each word was a brushstroke on the canvas of his mind, a form of expression that preceded color and tangible form.

From these first steps, painting, sculpture, or poetry was then born, like flowers that bloom from fertile soil. Mariano Pietrini believed that sketches and words were the bridge between his deep thoughts and the physical manifestation of his ideas.

Thus, every work of art he created—from three-dimensional sculptures to vibrant painted canvases, from emotionally charged poems to words that danced on paper—was a reflection of his inner world, shaped with skill and love.

In this way, Pietrini teaches us that every stroke, every word, is a journey towards creation, a step towards the immortality of art.