Mariano Pietrini is an artist, based in Sicily. Sculptures, paintings, arts.


Welcome to the World of Mariano Pietrini
Discover the multifaceted art of Mariano Pietrini, born in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto in 1945, an artist whose genius was manifested in more than two thousand works. Growing up among the artisan shops of his neighborhood, he transformed his life experience into an eclectic artistic journey.
From abstract painting to three-dimensional sculptures, Pietrini has explored his creativity in every possible form. Theories of beauty, order in disorder and the law of contrasts are concepts that have shaped his unique artistic vision.

The Jalari Museum Park, a crossroads of art and history, is the perfect setting to immerse yourself in Pietrini’s works. His murals adorn the streets of Barcelona, ​​while exhibitions in Rome, Turin and the United States attest to the international reach of his talent.
Mariano Pietrini believed that “there is no error in the presence of love”, a philosophy that permeated every one of his creations. Explore the many facets of his artistic expression, from seascapes to abstract representations.
A journey through the love, passion and extraordinary vision of an artist who continues to illuminate the world with his creative legacy.





“The Universe of Light has given the intuition, the invention of the equation that “ Error does not exist in the presence of love ”. Infinitely infinite vision illuminated by the gift of Light to men who want to create.”
                                                                                     – Mariano Pietrini