Mariano Pietrini is an artist, based in Sicily. Sculptures, paintings, arts.

Presentation of the new Gallery

Presentation of the new space / gallery


While being a son of Mariano Pietrini, it’s quite challenging to talk about him as an artist, since my vision is influenced by the diversity of views that often lead me to friendly disputes with my father. Following this further, in writing this presentation, I will refer to him as Mariano Pietrini and not as a father, in order to offer a perspective as objective as possible for the reasons that led us to work together in this project, namely gallery.


Several years ago in connection with moving out, we ended up having to empty the tank of his paintings and, between dust and paperwork, we have cataloged over 2,000 works and services. In order to give them a logical arrangement on the shelves, it is significant to create a guide of artist’s creative life. When viewing the works we found ourselves in front of distinct groups of paintings characterized by themes and techniques. For example, terraces with such nuanced oil technique, three-dimensional cathedrals, and semi-three-dimensional oil paintings; blue seas on oil and acryl canvases; oil paints explosions with fat brush, baskets, flower vases and many more picturesque works.

The list goes on and it is fairly long. But that’s not all. To my astonishment, some topics are repeated over time, perhaps played with different techniques; others are rather temporary object of attention of Mariano Pietrini. The results of momentary experiments are abandoned after a series of five or six tries.


You can get to know the soul of an artist by viewing his worksthat are sometimes euphoric, sometimes in love, happy, but also sad, disillusioned and fearful.


I cannot deny that in front of some works I dwelt in the pursuit of date when the artist stated to work on it in order to understand what was the state of mind of Mariano Pietrini at that particular period of his life. And also, if the mood he had could somehow affect me too.


In these few days I think I understand better that the works of an artist are the mirror to the forty years of work and his way of life. The evolution that the artist has experienced involves not only technicalities and style, but especially themes and meanings. In this light, when a few months ago Mariano entered my office speaking about the gallery, I immediately imagined this space as a place in which to put a collection of works categorized by subject and technique.


And what better theme to choose for the opening,but the colors and the light: elements that are repeated in sixteen works produced between 1988 and 2015.

Since works are placed in a neutral space of a gallery, it allows the visitor to concentrate on every single art piece, to rejoice each brush stroke and nuance, and to get lost in eddies, fields and sunny skies.


This is the path that led us to set up this gallery on regular basis,will put on a new character.


I wish you to have a good time during your visit!

Nino Pietrini

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