Dimora d’Arte Mariano Pietrini

Welcome to the Mariano Pietrini Art Residence: An Oasis of Creativity and Beauty
You are invited to immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience that blends art, nature and design in the picturesque setting of the magnificent Aeolian Islands. The Dimora d’Arte Mariano Pietrini, strategically positioned just two hundred meters from the Jalari Museum Park along the splendid Sicilian Tyrrhenian coast, welcomes you into a world of authentic beauty.

History and Mastery of Mariano Pietrini:

This artistic jewel is the result of the mastery of Mariano Pietrini, a multifaceted artist who in 2007 transformed a historic 1900 tower into his “Cosmic Laboratory”. Here, among sculpted walls, artistic columns and the evocative hammam in the cave, Pietrini created, painted and shared his passion with other artists. In 2023, his son Nino oversaw an intervention that added modern comforts without compromising the integrity of the original spaces.

A Unique Setting

The Dimora d’Arte preserves the essence of an authentic place of art, with stone fireplaces, hundreds of works of art and an atmosphere imbued with the scent of broom and orange blossom. Original architecture and modern design blend harmoniously, creating a welcoming and inspired environment.

The Beauty of Nature and Art:

With the sunset over Tindari bay as a backdrop, the Dimora d’Arte offers an unforgettable experience. A paradise for relaxation, where the scent of flowers and the sound of the sea become an integral part of the atmosphere, offering a luxury experienced barefoot.

Una tappa imperdibile nel viaggio dell'arte:

Staying in the Dimora d’Arte Mariano Pietrini means living a unique experience that combines the beauty of nature with the inspiration of art. Every detail is designed to offer guests an extraordinary and immersive stay, wrapped in the creativity and charm of art.Welcome to this refuge of beauty, where art and nature intertwine in a timeless embra

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